Sephora Customer Satisfaction Survey

You don’t want to miss out on the Sephora Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What is a survey? A survey is a method of collecting relevant feedback on certain areas from relevant people. It takes the form of a questionnaire whereby the individual taking the survey is guided on what feedback to provide.

And what is the purpose of doing a survey? Companies that aim to stay ahead in the game understand that they don’t have the monopoly of knowledge. Therefore, they design a survey to know how their customers view their products and services. This perception guides them in areas that need to be improved.

Therefore, a survey is a method of collecting data that enables companies to serve their customers better. The Sephora Customer Satisfaction Survey was designed for that. But it doesn’t stop there! Sephora understands the value of its customers. And the value of the time and effort the customers invest in their growth by taking the survey. Sephora has a reward for you.

To say ‘thank you’ for shopping from them and helping them grow they have offered you a chance to join a draw at the end of the survey. You stand a chance to win a $250 Sephora gift card by entering into the draw. 

Before you take the survey, allow me to tell you more about Sephora company and how you can take the survey.

About Sephora

The company was founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970 in France. The French multinational retailer deals with personal care and beauty merchandise. Sephora opened its first store in America in New York in 1998. The company has expanded ever since and now commands more than 430 stores in America.

Their products include hair care, cosmetics, skincare, nail color, body lotion, beauty tools, and fragrance. Sephora has nearly 3000 brands in its portfolio. The company is a subsidiary of LVMH which is a conglomerate that deals with luxury goods.

The high value placed on the company has not blinded it to the fact that it can do better. That’s why it was paramount to design the Sephora Customer Satisfaction Survey to consider your views in making improvements.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Only American and Puerto Rican legal residents are eligible for the sweepstakes. 
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old as of the date of entry.
  • Entry into the survey is limited to an individual for each weekly sweepstakes. The method of entry does not count.
  • The winners will be picked randomly from the drawing. 
  • The $250 Sephora gift card prize is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • The prize cannot be and is not combined with any other special offer or promotion. It must be accepted as given.
  • Must have a computer or smartphone.
  • Must be connected to the internet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sephora Survey

  1. Open the survey page by clicking on the following link
  2. Wait for the page to load then click on the ‘Begin Survey’ button.
  3. Answer all the questions that follow honestly based on the experience of your last visit. 
  4. After you are satisfied with your feedback, provide our contact details to enter the sweepstakes drawing. Be careful to provide the correct information so that the company can get in touch with you in case you are the lucky winner. 
  5. Confirm that the information you have provided is accurate and honest. Click on the ‘Finish’ button to submit your feedback. 
  6. This is the end of the survey. Well done and thank you.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of the article. I hope you have enjoyed it and found it helpful. I have enjoyed writing this article for you and I will be looking forward to your comments. Don’t get stuck and keep quiet. Let me know about the challenge in the comments section. Also, let me know your experience with the survey.

The Sephora Customer Satisfaction Survey was designed for you. Your feedback matters, your recommendations matter, and above all, ensuring that you are always satisfied is the top priority of the Sephora company. This is an excellent opportunity for you to enable them to serve you better. And who knows, maybe you’ll be among the lucky winners. Good luck.

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