La Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey

La Madeleine cares about your experience so much that it designed a survey at to collect your views. The survey is aimed at knowing how you felt about the goods and services you received. But that’s not all…

In this world where everything is moving so fast, the time has become the most precious commodity. If you miss out on any opportunity, you might never catch up. Therefore, for sparing your precious time to invest in the growth of your favorite company, you will be given a reward.

Try to guess what it might be.

You will be rewarded with a validation code that is redeemable upon your next purchase. Was your guess correct?

There are many ways to say ‘thank you’. la Madeleine deemed it fit to gift you with a redeemable validation code. Albeit small, it is totally worth it.

The la Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey is available at Are you ready to take the survey? Are you ready to share your honest views and honest feedback?

I hope you are.

This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass on. Not so much because of the redeemable validation code but because you are being welcomed to build the company you love. Your views will be implemented to bring about better service delivery and high-quality products. 

Do you know what’s even better? This invitation to build the company comes with no strings attached. You benefit the most from just spending a couple of minutes of your precious time taking the survey. 

This article will provide all the necessary details that you need to enable you to take the survey.

Let’s get started…

la Madeleine Survey Prize

I have already mentioned this but I want to make sure that you remember. I have created a whole title for just that. It will, therefore, be easier for you to refer whenever you want.

Let’s get to it. 

la Madeleine has offered to reward you for precious time and your generous effort in building the company by gifting you with a validation code. The code is redeemable upon your next visit.

la Madeleine Survey Rules

The following rules and conditions have to be met for you to take the survey at;

  • Only Americans and the residents of the United Kingdom are eligible for the survey.
  • You must have a recent receipt from la Madeleine for you to access the survey. The receipt must contain the survey invitation. 
  • Participants must be at least 13 years old to participate in the la Madeleine Guest Satisfaction Survey given by la Madeleine.
  • You must have a basic comprehension of the English language.
  • You must take the survey within a week after your most recent visit to la Madeleine. Failure to which, you will no longer be able to participate.
  • la Madeleine employees, their relatives, the company’s sponsors, and their subsidiaries are all ineligible to partake in the la Madeleine survey. 
  • The validation code is not transferable, therefore, you are not allowed to sell or give out the code to another person. 
  • The validation codes can only be redeemed one at a time. They cannot be combined for a bigger offer. 
  • The validity of the validation code is limited to 30 days after which it will be null and void. Therefore, don’t sit on the code. Make use of it within the given time frame and claim your reward.

Survey Requirements at

The following are the prerequisites for taking the survey;

  • You must have a pc, laptop, or smartphone.
  • You must be connected to a stable internet.
  • You must have a recent receipt that has the survey invitation.
  • You must have a basic comprehension of the English language.

Survey Entry Method 

The survey was made online to allow you to partake at your own convenience. Unfortunately, that’s the only entry method available. It’s not so unfortunate anyway considering that at the present age, a great percentage of people are computer literate and have access to the internet.

It would have been very cumbersome to do the survey on paper. Therefore, the best and the only available entry method is online.

A Step-by-Step Guide at

  1. Access the survey site at the following link;
  2. Provide your personal information. This includes; your first name, last name, and phone number.
  3. Enter the survey code printed on your receipt.
  4. Rate the level of satisfaction derived from your last visit. The rate ranges from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Choose the most accurate representation.
  5. Rate the following; the speed of service, the accuracy of the order, and the quality of the service you received.
  6. Answer the proceeding questions about the environment (both interior and exterior), cleanliness, and the attitude of the staff. 
  7. Share the problems or issues you encountered. Or any other concerns you may have.
  8. Check that the feedback you have given is true and accurate. Submit your feedback.
  9. You will be given a coupon code. Note it down and carry it with you upon your next visit to redeem it and claim your reward.

How to Redeem the Validation Code

This is a very important point to note. Be attentive. I don’t want you to miss out on claiming your reward. Here we go…

Note the validation code at the back of your receipt. Carry the receipt with you on your next visit and give it to the staff. They will confirm the code’s authenticity and give you your reward. Good luck champ.

Final Words

I hope the article has provided all the essential information you need to take the survey successfully. I also hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. In case you need clarity, feel free to reach out to me in the comments section. Alternatively, contact la Madeleine via their official survey website at the following link;


Survey Official Site :


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