La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey

The La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey fount at was designed for you. It was designed to capture your feedback based on your most recent visit.

Do you know that La-Z-Boy has a reward patiently waiting for you at the end of the survey?

That’s right my friend.

La-Z-Boy has a gift card loaded with cash to help you shop more to fill your house with all that you need. The gift card is loaded with $2,500! What have you wanted to buy for your house for a long time?

Start thinking about it. Maybe you’ll be.

The Purpose of the Survey at

East or West, home is best. La-Z-Boy would not like to ruin that. If anything, it would like to make home an exceptional place to be. It has done its part in providing you with what it knows to be the best. But best is variable. What they think is best might not be the best for you.

That’s where the La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey comes in. the survey aims to capture your feedback based on your most recent visit. Oops! I know I already mentioned that. I want to make sure you remember. Pardon me. Let’s proceed…

Your honest feedback will act as a checklist that La-Z-Boy can use to assess the efficiency of their products and services. It will unearth the strong selling points and the weak points that need more attention. Ultimately, the business will grow to be more competitive, and most importantly, you’ll get better value for your money.

Survey Prize

A home is an important place to look after. It should be a reflection of your tastes and preferences. La-Z-Boy understands that maintaining your standards is not cheap. And the time you spare to invest in them by taking the survey is priceless.

Therefore, the gift card is worth $2,500 to enable you to shop for your favorite items without much concern about the price tag. It is also a way to appreciate your loyalty and investment into their future.

Survey Rules at

  • You have to make a purchase to enter the survey and stand to win the reward.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • The survey entry is limited to an individual per month for every mailing address.
  • The lucky winners will be contacted via mail.
  • All employees of the company are not eligible to participate.


  • A current receipt from any of the La-Z-Boy stores.
  • A computer, smartphone or any other device that can access the internet.
  • You must be connected to the internet.
  • Basic comprehension of English.

How to Take the Survey at

  1. Access the survey site at the following link;
  2. Read the survey rules. After you understand them, click on ‘next’ to proceed.
  3. Provide information on your last purchase. Mention whether it was delivered to your home.
  4. Provide the date on which your order was delivered.
  5. Fill in the delivery number as printed on your receipt.
  6. Fill in the location, state, and country of the store you made the purchase.
  7. Answer all the questions that follow.
  8. Rate your overall level of satisfaction with your last visit.
  9. More specifically, rate how satisfied you were with the customer service, food, staff, cleanliness, and the environment among other factors.
  10. Be honest and accurate.
  11. Confirm that the information you have provided is true and accurate.
  12. Submit your feedback.
  13. You will be given the opportunity to join the sweepstakes.
  14. Provide the required information. Again, remember to be honest and accurate.
  15. You will be notified about your entry into the sweepstakes. If you provide the wrong contact details, you will miss out on claiming the reward.

Final Words

Candid criticism is the grindstone everyone needs to sharpen their output. La-Z-Boy is not an exception. It needs your honest criticism to continue serving you better. Your satisfaction comes first.

Take the La-Z-Boy Delivery Survey and let it be known how you like to be served. You will also earn an opportunity to win a $2,500 gift card. Spare some time and you might be a lucky winner.

I have enjoyed writing this article for you, my friend. I hope you have enjoyed it just as much. Leave a comment or a query and I will respond as soon as possible. Be generous enough to share the blog with your friends on social media. The article has come to an end but I’ll be looking forward to your reply. Talk soon…


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