Whataburger Customer Survey

The Whataburger Customer Survey found at www.Whataburgerexperience.com is an online questionnaire that aims to collect your feedback on the quality of goods and services you received on your most recent visit.

Whataburger strives to offer you burgers that leave you saying, “What a burger”! You deserve the best. You deserve to get value for your money. And the company is committed to giving you the best at the best price all the time you stop by.

Knowing what works best for you is not always obvious. People have different tastes and preferences. While it is difficult to find the one that works for everyone, it is possible to find the best thing that works for the majority. That’s why the Whataburger Customer Survey was designed.

The survey is available at www.Whataburgerexperience.com. It was made accessible online to enable you to partake at your convenience.

By participating in the survey, you would have made a priceless effort in molding the future of the company. Your opinion counts. Your satisfaction cannot be bargained with.

Taking the survey at www.Whataburgerexperience.com is the best way for you to express yourself. And to express how you would want the company to grow going forward.

Your valuable feedback will shed light on those areas it is poor at and those areas where it outperforms everyone else. This will enable the business to know which areas to put more emphasis on and which areas are their strongest selling points. Whataburger’s best may not be good enough. Take the survey and you’ll be the judge. 

It would be unkind for you to play such a crucial role in the growth and development of the company and not get a ‘thank you’.

Luckily, Whataburger is fair, reasonable, and generous in rewarding their loyal customers. You will be rewarded with a free Whataburger after purchasing a medium fry and a medium drink.

This article will guide you on what you need to know before taking the survey and how to take the survey.

Whataburger Survey Prize

Free Whataburger with the purchase of a medium fry and medium drink on your next visit

About Whataburger


Whataburger is a fast-food restaurant that has been serving burgers since 1950. It stands out for its extra-large burgers that require two hands to hold. The founder, Harmon Dobson, established the business with one goal in mind – to make the biggest burgers in town. And he truly accomplished his goal. Bravo!

The business has been operating for more than six decades yet it has retained its ‘family business’ structure. Furthermore, the business has retained its custom made burgers. Every burger made is customized to the buyer’s request. The business has achieved such a high level of customization that is yet to be seen in the market. 

The first store was opened in Corpus Christi, Texas. The business has been growing steadily since its inception. Currently, it commands 790 stores in America. 

Despite their honorable growth and solid business structure, Whataburger wants to improve. It doesn’t want to improve solely on the basis of its observations. It wants to hear from you via the Whataburger Customer Survey.

I have shared two guidelines on how to take the survey;

  1. A step-by-step guide
  2. A video guide

You can choose your preferred guide. However, I would recommend going through both to get a deeper understanding.

How to Take the Whataburger Survey

Before we look at the guides, here are the prerequisites for taking the survey.

Must Haves

  • Must be able to access to the internet.
  • Should a computer or smartphone.
  • Adequate comprehension of English or Spanish.
  • Have a recent receipt from Whataburger the contains the survey invitation.

Step-by-Step Guide at www.whataburgerexperience.com

  1. Access the Whataburger Customer Survey site at the following address www.Whataburgerexperience.com.
  2. Proceed to step 3 to take the survey in English.
  3. Alternatively, click on the hyperlink to take the survey in Spanish then move to step 3.
  4. Use the guide provided to locate the 16-digit code on your receipt. Fill it in and click on ‘Start’ to proceed.
  5. Read the questions that follow carefully. Answer all of them honestly. 
  6. Read through your answers to confirm that the information you have provided is true and accurate. 
  7. Submit your feedback.
  8. You will be given a validation code. The code is important for receiving your reward on your next purchase. Note it down and carry it with you.

The Video Guide

Final Words

Yes, your burger will be customized to your request, but is that all you want? What else would it take to make sure that you are happy and satisfied? The Whataburger Customer Survey is your chance to speak up. Be honest and let them serve you better.

It has been enjoyable writing this article for you. I hope you have enjoyed it and are ready to take the survey. Remember the validation code is needed to receive the reward.

I’m looking forward to your comments. Let me know if you get stuck or need clarity. I’m here for you. I’ll respond as soon as possible. You are free to share the article with your friends on social media. 


Whataburger Survey Survey Site : www.whataburgerexperience.com


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